The U.S. Virgin Islands are a popular travel destination for a good reason. They offer a sliver of paradise that makes the perfect spot for a getaway from the states. There are many activities to keep you busy in the Virgin Islands, including sunbathing, swimming, hiking, exploring, and of course, lots of tropical drinks! 

Sit Back and Relax
If you’re in desperate need of a relaxing day, Jack Bay and Isaac Bay are a great place to start. They are both located on the easternmost point of the United States, and the bays are two empty beaches on St. Croix. Although, beware that you’ll have to work a little to get to this private paradise. To reach Isaac Bay, hike through a steep overgrown trail to find a pristine white beach home to nesting turtles. Jack Bay is connected by a trail at the end of the bay. Remember to bring along food and water as there are no facilities at these private beaches. 

Explore Caves
If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, visit The Baths on Virgin Beach. Note that if the beach itself is overcrowded, and the water is rough, but you’re not there for the beach. Once you crawl through a small opening, you’ll find yourself surrounded by giant granite boulders. You can climb through the rocks and explore tide pools that naturally develop between the rocks. 

Experience the Local Culture
Redhook is a port town that is home to some great restaurants on the island. Additionally, the port town has lively music and fun clubs to visit in the evening. A bonus is that there is very little service to get back to the British Virgin Islands. 

Try Your Hand at Sailing
You won’t have to sail the boat, but you can take a sailboat tour around the islands. This is the only way to experience the islands that are isolated from the main area. It is a bit pricey, but it is a once in a lifetime experience to see a new part of the Virgin Islands! 

Hit the Forest
When an adventure is calling, lace up your sneakers and head to the Reef Bay Trail, which leads to a beach at the end where you can cool off! On the way, you’ll see stone ruins, old sugar plantations, and ancient petroglyphs.