The holidays are coming, which means that many people will be traveling to see their families and share happy moments. Precautions should be taken for holiday traveling to ensure that your vacation is safe. Here are four tips for planning your holiday travels. Using them as guides, you can start planning your getaway now!

Watch The Weather
Cold weather can dampen a vacation. If you’re driving cross-country to a state where it snows in the winter, choose a time window that will dodge the worst frosty days. Snow is a beautiful part of the winter months, but it should be treated with caution!

Pack Intelligently
Unless you’re planning to stay for more than a week, you don’t need to pack too much–but make sure you take what you need. If you’re going to a place where you know the days are already getting chilly, make sure your pajamas are thick and pack an adequate jacket. You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors if you’re not freezing, and autumn is one of the best times to take photos.

Keep A Spare Tire
Road accidents happen when you are driving across long distances. Make sure you have your spare tire and the tools you’d need to change it. Pack a quilt to take with you in case the worse should happen, and you wind up stranded during repairs. Ideally, you won’t need any of these things, but it’s always better to prepare for the worse.

Plan Ahead
Do you know what you’re going to do once you arrive at your destination? Make sure you’ve got your list of tourist attractions at hand so that you don’t miss any of them. Also, be sure to do your research; are the places that you have in mind open during the cold months? Save time by knowing these things before you arrive!

Staying home for the holidays is a respectable choice, but many people cannot battle their wanderlust. There is nothing wrong with that; following these tips, you’ll have a memorable time planning and living the holidays.