Traveling is a great way to unwind and escape the stresses of your daily life. Since you will be away from home for an extended period, you will need to pack a suitcase filled with essential items. One of the biggest travel mistakes you can make is packing way too much. This will only make the travel process more complicated than needed. These are the four items you do not need to bring on your trip.


Pillows may not be very heavy, but they still take up a lot of precious space in the suitcase. Pillows will be easily accessible during the trip, so there is no need to bring one home. The airline will supply small pillows to help you sleep on the plane. You also should not worry about having the perfect pillow at the hotel. If the pillows are a little too thin, then you can always request more for the room.

Extra Toiletries

Many travelers have a fear of running out of toiletries on the trip, so they pack way more than needed. Keep the bag light by bringing only what will be used on the trip. You can always go to a local store to get toothpaste or aspirin if you have enough. Over-packing is only necessary if you are going to be away from civilization for a long time.


Few things fill up a suitcase quicker than a pair of shoes. You can easily get through the whole trip with your shoes when you leave the house. Just make sure they are comfortable pairs of sneakers that can withstand long walks without hurting your feet. You do not have to change the itinerary because you did not pack the high heels or hiking boots.


Travel guidebooks are a great way to learn about a new area. These bulky books are great when planning the trip, but they need to stay at home. Take a picture with your phone of any vital information you do not want to forget. You can always use the internet at the hotel to look up anything you want to find during the trip.