After nearly a year of social distancing and travel restrictions, many of us are excited about the potential opportunity to begin exploring the world again. Here, we discuss the best tips to start traveling safely again as borders slowly begin to re-open and tourism resumes. 

Focus on a Single Destination at a Time
One of the biggest mistakes, hands down, that inexperienced travelers make is overloading their schedules by trying to pack as many destinations into a single excursion at once. Given the urgency with which many people wish to travel, this tendency to overbook will likely be even greater in 2021. 

So, for example, a typical American vacation to South America might include Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Columbia – all in a two or three-week period! The simple truth is that soaking in the environment, the novelty, and the compelling underlying features of a new culture takes time. Sights worth seeing take time to visit. 

Even if it means cutting down on the volume of destinations to check off the bucket list, consider narrowing your trips to focus on a single destination at a time – the dividends in the form of a richer travel experience are worth the change in plans and a few fewer stamps in your passport.

Proper Healthcare Maintenance to Stay “Road-Ready”
COVID-19 has made everyone more aware of the importance of a functioning, healthy immune system. Traveling, especially to less-developed regions, carries a significant risk to our health in the form of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in search of a new host. In a new population, we will likely encounter unfamiliar species that we might otherwise at home. 

Therefore, practicing basic care such as eating an optimal diet, checking vitamin and mineral levels in the blood, and staying on top of physical exercises daily can give our immune systems the support they need to keep us thriving and exploring the great unknown. 

Take the Road Less Traveled
Many tourist hotspots around the world – the best-known locales piled high with locales and restaurants—have been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. Some may never recover. 

So, consider visiting a lesser-known, more “off-the-grid” place instead. Some of the most exciting adventure stories take place far away from the bright lights and English-speaking halls of touristy hotels. Heed these wise words from an experienced traveler for a more memorable, authentic, exciting, and unexpected journey.