Traveling to new destinations provides timeless experiences that people can cherish for the rest of their lives. From seeing new places to learning about other cultures, there are countless reasons to make time to travel. One thing that frequent travelers will agree on, though is that it is crucial to plan ahead for the travel portions of the trip. For trips that require plane rides, it is important to pack a carry-on bag with the essentials to ensure that the journey is as smooth as possible. 

Wallet & Important Documents
While every airline passenger is required to carry a form of identification, that is not the only important thing to keep on-hand. Always carry any major credit cards, cash, and important documents onto the plane. Important documents include any information related to the trip, like a hotel or car rental reservations. 

When traveling on a plane, it is vital to keep any prescription medications in a carry-on bag. This is important to remember in case any checked luggage gets lost during the journey, and does not make it to the final destination. While it is not common for airlines to lose luggage, keeping important medications on-hand will prevent a potential emergency from arising. 

Any Jewelry Or Valuables
It is not uncommon for travelers to bring higher-end fine jewelry when traveling for a vacation or special event. In the instances where an airline is unable to track down a lost bag, it can be difficult to be completely reimbursed for a higher-priced item like fine jewelry. In order to reduce the risk of something happening to the fine jewelry or valuables, they should always be packed into the carry-on bag.

Additional Layers
Anyone who travels on airplanes frequently will likely agree that it can get quite chilly inside the plane. As more airlines have looked for ways to reduce costs in recent years, less have continued offering blankets to its customers. Bring a blanket or additional layers that can be worn during the ride, in case the plane does get cold. This is especially important for anyone who is traveling on a long flight.

Travel Kit
As more airlines continue adding long-distance trips to their schedules, people will be taking longer trips in an airplane. For longer trips over six hours, bring a small travel kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. This comes in especially useful for longer red-eye flights that land in the early morning.