One of the most significant reasons keeping people from traveling is the expense. For people without a lot of disposable income, travel can seem out of reach. With some advanced planning and thoughtful budget practices, traveling becomes more accessible. These are some of the best ways to stretch a travel budget.

Avoiding Tourist Traps

Prices in parts of a city with a high volume of tourists are generally more expensive than areas frequented by locals. An easy way to stretch a travel budget is to ditch the tourist scene and live as the locals do. Instead of eating downtown, travelers can try local cuisine further out in the city for cheaper. Even bars are more affordable outside of the tourist areas. A quick search on online forums or social media can help travelers discover what locals do and where to go.

Free Tours and Public Sites

 Many of the attractions while traveling can have high entry fees. This especially adds up when traveling as a family. Travelers can save money by avoiding the high-ticket attractions altogether. Free walking tours can provide history and insight into a new place without the charge of a guide, just a tip. If travelers cannot find a free walking tour in the town, they can walk around themselves. Public museums and outdoor attractions are often free or very cheap. Even public libraries can offer excellent architecture to see for free. Local tourist offices keep information on free attractions.

Arrange Cheaper Accommodation

 Accommodation is a major travel expense, and decreasing this expense can make travel budgets stretch further. One option involves travelers reaching out to their networks to find contacts in their destination. Staying for free for a few nights at a friend’s or cousin’s home saves a lot of money. If this is not feasible, travelers can consider staying outside of major cities or in the suburbs. Especially in places with accessible public transit, it is easy to commute into the more expensive areas. Hotels near airports are also generally cheaper than hotels downtown. European travelers could look into hostels and bed and breakfasts for cheaper rates than hotels.

 Traveling is an experience that almost anyone can enjoy if done correctly. Creative alternatives help travelers slash their budgets while still enjoying their trip. These tips are simple ways to make travel more affordable.