Of all the U.S. Virgin Islands, Saint Croix is one of the most popular. Though it is rich in history and culture, it is also one of the most laid back destinations in the area. Visitors are often seen relaxing on its dozens of beaches, some of which are secluded and others of which are always crowded. Those who want to engage in outdoor activities are encouraged to visit Chenay Bay and Colony Cove, which contain some of the most active beaches. For a quieter, more relaxing experience, locals advise heading to Frederiksted. Along with Frederiksted, Christiansted is among the island’s largest towns. This is where visitors can play at prestigious golf courses. 

St. Croix is also known for its water activities, especially at the Buck Island Reef National Monument. The monument is entirely underwater, a distinction held by only two others in the world. At the Buck Island Reef, visitors can go scuba diving and snorkeling. The reef provides opportunities to see brown pelicans and the hawksbill turtle. 

Those who want to explore nature will find that there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Trees are an important part of St. Croix, which is home to the Tree of Life, as well as 50 baobab trees, one of which blooms only every other year. 

Its kapok trees are referred to by locals as Monkey No Climb. These trees are lined with spikes, which inspired their nickname. In addition, the island is home to Mahogany trees brought by settlers from South America. 

Locals often look forward to St. Croix’s many festivals. Most weekends, a festival is taking place somewhere on the islands. The largest festival every year is the Agrifest, better known as the Agriculture and Food Fair of the United States Virgin Islands. It lasts for three days and features Caribbean music and cuisine. Vendors come from the various islands to participate in this event. 

Other festivals are held to mark certain holidays. For example, after Christmas but before Three Kings Day, the Carnival is held. Every April is the Easter Camp Out when locals come out to spend the night at the beach. These are just a few of the activities that make St. Croix an island that tourists can’t resist.