Are you looking for a fun weekend getaway within the United States? With countless exciting cities across the country, there is a destination to fit every traveler’s needs. Here are some of the recommended cities to visit in 2020 for a weekend getaway.

New Orleans, Louisiana
It doesn’t have to be Fat Tuesday for The Big Easy to be an all-out party in the street. New Orleans’ iconic Bourbon Street serves as an ode to nightlife, famously permitting open containers so patrons can sip while they stroll to the sounds of nearby jazz clubs and street entertainers. All of its delicious debauchery aside, New Orleans can also be a lovely family affair, offering up bayou boat tours, cooking classes, stunning architectural sites, and mouthwatering Creole dining. 

Seattle, Washington
Home of the Space Needle, the celebrated Pike Place Market, and a myriad of inventive coffee-shops each one somehow more satisfying than the next, this destination may just render you sleepless in Seattle— and for a good reason! With so much to see and do, you won’t mind losing a little bit of shut-eye, especially when it means filling up on some of the PNW’s most legendary donuts before heading out to tour the Museum of Pop Culture.

Asheville, North Carolina
For a low-key getaway that allows you to disconnect from your phone and connect fully with your surroundings, choose Asheville, North Carolina. Whether it’s a full-on disconnect that immerses you in the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains (think lodging in a secluded cabin with an itinerary of hiking and kayaking), an exploration of the city’s vibrant arts scene (an afternoon of art museums and theatrical performances, followed by an evening of unique culinary delights) or a thoughtful mixture of both, (ziplining and a murder mystery dinner, anyone?) Asheville is sure to be a trip you’ll remember.

Chicago, Illinois
No matter your hobbies and interests, there’s a little something for everyone in Chicago, Illinois. Conquer your fear of heights 1,353 feet above the swarming metropolis at Skydeck Chicago, or catch a Broadway-style show at one of the city’s historic theatres. Speakeasies, sports bars, and comedy clubs are abundant, and a waterfront stroll to the Cloud Gate (lovingly nicknamed The Bean) is a must-do for any first-time visitors. Don’t forget a sturdy jacket— that wind is no joke!