Travelers are poised to go on epic adventures in 2022. After years of pandemic dictated lockdowns and closed borders, tourists are ready to venture out into the world again to satisfy their wanderlust. Although the general landscape has changed, with COVID vaccination and testing requirements constantly shifting from day to day and country to country, the desire to explore is real. This excitement is reflected in travel trends for 2022, which all reflect vacationers’ desires to go out and discover new people and places to fulfill their souls’ desires.


A major travel trend in 2022 is a willingness to splurge on extravagant vacations. After missing out on important life events such as weddings and family reunions, people are willing to spend vast amounts of money to enjoy fabulous trips. They want to make up for all the meaningful events that they have missed over the past two years. For some, this means taking the entire extended family to Disneyland for a week, and for others it means taking a six-month cruise around the world. It might translate to upgraded seats in the airplane or ocean-view suites at a tropical resort. Vacationers want to enjoy themselves, and they are willing to pay whatever the price may be to do so.


After being largely immobile and trapped in their homes for two years, travelers are ready to participate in new activities. They want the adrenaline rush that comes with doing new things and exploring new places. Some travelers want to participate in high-risk adventures, such as climbing Mt. Fuji or zip-lining through the Costa Rican jungle. Others want to go on a culinary journey through East Asia or immerse themselves in the culture of the Navajo Nation. The goal of this trend is to allow people to feel positive emotions again, and to transform the fear and anxiety of the pandemic into joy.


The final defining travel trend of 2022 is an overall commitment to wellness. Travelers want to be fully present during their vacations without outside distractions. Many of them will choose to leave their electronic devices at home, as well as stay off social media. They will spend more time in their destinations, allowing time for total rest and relaxation. People will endeavor to do absolutely nothing, and they will heal their minds and bodies as a result.